Why Kashi?

Traveling solo to Kashi, for Dev Deepawali, was a risk well taken, the net result in the category of good decisions taken in 2017. Call it Varanasi, Benaras or what you will, to me it will always remain Kashi, the holy city of the Hindus. For some inexplicable reason Kashi had always been my dream destination and traveling solo … Continue reading Why Kashi?


5 Stereotypes We Can Do Without

It's one of the things I miss about life at Indian Statistical Institute: the 3 a.m. origin-of-the-universe talks where the ones participating in the discussion were definitely not sober (it was a sort of prerequisite). The topic of discussion on one occasion was the utility/futility of stereotypes. While most of the discussion couldn't survive the … Continue reading 5 Stereotypes We Can Do Without