When in Delhi – Checklist Monuments

Always on the lookout for good stories and trivia, it is no surprise that the city I love, almost revere, is Delhi. To give a flavor of what is in store if you decide to walk the by lanes of Delhi, in one of the stories I heard on a walking tour, Qutub Minar has … Continue reading When in Delhi – Checklist Monuments


And so you got married?!

When I asked aunty your room number and if you were accessible, I was relieved to see her nod in affirmation. As I walked towards that room, passing the guests, I was still trying to make sense of "Kushi is getting married!" When I entered your room, all thoughts dissipated because I couldn't believe the … Continue reading And so you got married?!

5 Stereotypes We Can Do Without

It's one of the things I miss about life at Indian Statistical Institute: the 3 a.m. origin-of-the-universe talks where the ones participating in the discussion were definitely not sober (it was a sort of prerequisite). The topic of discussion on one occasion was the utility/futility of stereotypes. While most of the discussion couldn't survive the … Continue reading 5 Stereotypes We Can Do Without