Pondy – Of Pastels, Posing & Strolling

Planned on a random impulse, Pondy was going to be my first officially passive holiday, with a blank to-do list, the desire to feel rested and absolutely no attempt at any strenuous self improvement; in short, a break from the usual life and usual holidays. That I had earlier been to the region and checked … Continue reading Pondy – Of Pastels, Posing & Strolling


Journey through India’s North-East: Assam & Meghalaya

Laitlum, Dawki, Mawlynnong, Mawsmai and Kaziranga - the destinantions that stand out from my family trip to Assam and Meghalaya. Few locations in India entice travelers as much as India's north-east, and justifiably so. A rich biodiversity in terms of not only its flora and fauna but also its demographics, this region of India is home … Continue reading Journey through India’s North-East: Assam & Meghalaya

Traveling through India’s East: Maluti to Santiniketan

It was a spur of the moment decision to drive to Santiniketan via Maluti, the poster child of Jharkhand tourism today, as a part of our Holi celebration. We were totally unaware of what was in store for us. Forget Mathura and Vrindavan for Holi (which are way too crowded and hooliganism seems to rule the roost anyway) Bolpur is where one … Continue reading Traveling through India’s East: Maluti to Santiniketan

When in Delhi – Quintessential Experiences

There is more to Delhi than power, politics and a tumultuous past. The intermingling of cultures and its position as the capital of a large and vibrant democracy result in a plethora of eclectic events and experiences. Food Delhi does not disappoint the epicureans. From the best fine dining restaurant in the country, Indian Accent, to the cheap and … Continue reading When in Delhi – Quintessential Experiences

When in Delhi – By-Lane Mysteries

For people with ample time to explore the city environs, it is the by-lanes that have the hidden gems and the most fascinating stories. In the shadow of every great monument of Delhi thrives the remaining vestiges of the culture that the main monument is now a token of. A lot of walking tours/heritage walks have now … Continue reading When in Delhi – By-Lane Mysteries