When in Delhi – Quintessential Experiences

There is more to Delhi than power, politics and a tumultuous past. The intermingling of cultures and its position as the capital of a large and vibrant democracy result in a plethora of eclectic events and experiences. Food Delhi does not disappoint the epicureans. From the best fine dining restaurant in the country, Indian Accent, to the cheap and … Continue reading When in Delhi – Quintessential Experiences


When in Delhi – By-Lane Mysteries

For people with ample time to explore the city environs, it is the by-lanes that have the hidden gems and the most fascinating stories. In the shadow of every great monument of Delhi thrives the remaining vestiges of the culture that the main monument is now a token of. A lot of walking tours/heritage walks have now … Continue reading When in Delhi – By-Lane Mysteries

Rishikesh sans Adventure Sports

It's a pity that a mention of Rishikesh evokes images of adventure sports (only). A New Year trip to the place with a desire to get away from the social obligation of attending Crazy New Year Eve parties revealed to us the other side of Rishikesh, what the place was meant for originally, before rafting and … Continue reading Rishikesh sans Adventure Sports