Spiti Valley

Per Aspera Ad Astra- four words that aptly summarise our trip to Spiti Valley. It is a Latin phrase which means "through hardships to the stars." To say that this region is surreal is stating the obvious, to say that reaching here is tough is in the genre of FYI, what needs stating is that it's totally … Continue reading Spiti Valley


Rishikesh sans Adventure Sports

It's a pity that a mention of Rishikesh evokes images of adventure sports (only). A New Year trip to the place with a desire to get away from the social obligation of attending Crazy New Year Eve parties revealed to us the other side of Rishikesh, what the place was meant for originally, before rafting and … Continue reading Rishikesh sans Adventure Sports

6 Destinations, 3 Women, 1 Road Trip

I've generally found Indians to be extremely passionate and territorial when it comes to mangoes! Most of us never give up on the mangoes we grew up on. The consequence of this is that every year my doting father sends across 20-30 kgs of mangoes plucked, packed and transported under his personal jurisdiction for his … Continue reading 6 Destinations, 3 Women, 1 Road Trip