Matters of the Heart

It is Valentines season and one is primed to think of matters of the heart in terms of (romantic) love. I don't like misleading so at the very outset: this isn't about that. I don't think I have anything (meaningful) to say on love (as yet). This is about the whole "follow your heart" fad. … Continue reading Matters of the Heart

Despair that Wasn’t, courtesy ISI @ Boston

" miserable my life is. A man lives his life, and then he falls apart and soon there is nothing left. Ka felt as if half his soul had just abandoned him but still the other half remained; he still had love in him. Like a snowflake, he would fall as he was meant to … Continue reading Despair that Wasn’t, courtesy ISI @ Boston

Sibling Trekk(ipp)ing @ Valley of Flowers & Hemkund

On a hot and humid April evening my brother proposed going tripping: Singapore, Malaysia... A spoilsport for any travel plans abroad, my expected response was "Why? If you're up for going trekking in the Himalayas, I have a plan." A skeptical look later I suggested "Valley of Flowers: check it out. We shall go in July. … Continue reading Sibling Trekk(ipp)ing @ Valley of Flowers & Hemkund

Intensely Curious, Life-Loving, Adventurous: APT

On the human character spectrum, the three of us are placed quite far away from one another. T is the hyper risk-averse lawyer, upholding societal norms, propriety, table manners, and absolutely anything else to do with civilization, you name it, T is upholding it. On the opposite end of the spectrum is placed myself, P, who … Continue reading Intensely Curious, Life-Loving, Adventurous: APT

Making Life Large @ Andamans

Three feelings to summarize the eleven days spent amidst the brilliant shades of blue in Andamans, long story short if you will: ineffable beauty, a lot of hitchhiking and bizarre story-telling. Amidst these feelings was the generous helping of ek akeli larki...experiences! [Related: Self, Solo, Sea @ Andamans] Sunshine, Freedom and a little WaterI don't remember the … Continue reading Making Life Large @ Andamans