Then & Now

What happens when you visit a City as a tourist, all by yourself, that you had last visited almost seven years ago with your family? Well, lots of nostalgia and a hell lot of introspection on all that has changed since. 

While Mom and Dad have stayed pretty much the same (ageing of course, but that’s about it) it’s us, the kids. My brother is married with a kid (Wow!). The birth of my brat of a nephew changed a lot of things. Suddenly our nuclear family became a joint family (with my satellite kind of presence in the dynamics)! Suddenly I had the added responsibility of being an Aunt! Suddenly it was OKAY for things to fall and break under my Mother’s nose. When we (my brother and I) dropped something as insignificant as a pen my Mother would start her monologue wherein our inability to handle a pen was extrapolated into a disastrous adulthood and professional life. But my nephew? Well I love the fact that he breaks things around the house and all that my Mother does is laugh! Grandchildren are indeed special.

When I look back at life then and now, well for starters I lost my pet, my best friend, my one faithful companion, my Simba. The next big change- from “What is Sharma ji’s daughter doing?” to “Why isn’t Sharma ji’s daughter getting married?” Well, because I am hopelessly single and fiercely independent. 

When the last time I visited this City, I had thought I would be in the relationship I was in at the time forever. Well, forever lasted for 7 years (Wow, yet again)! When people say that nothing teaches like a breakup I couldn’t agree more. For one thing I’ve lost my fear of failure, of breaking up, down or apart! The beauty of being damaged is that you know that you will survive. Sure, it’s not easy to trust again, there are commitment issues but all this is absolutely nothing when compared to the independent, confident and liberated soul that emerges from the purgatory. If you have watched Begin Again, it’s the image of Keira Knightly in its climax with Lost Stars playing in the background. The song (one of my favorites) sums up what I have learnt over these years:

“Turn the page, maybe we’ll find a brand new ending.”

Well, maybe…


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