There’s Something About October 

There’s something very special about October. As I turn the page of my table calendar to October, a certain joy seizes me. When I pause to think about what is it ( because we don’t have mind boggling colors of the fall) I realise it’s the promises that October brings with it.

Anyone who has lived in a government university’s hostel would relate to my absolute dread and disgust for Indian summer. That coming of October heralds the onset of winter is reason enough for happiness. The joy of hoodies, kangaroo pockets, warm parathas, spicy momos, walking through the fog, coffee and overcoats is sufficient reason to lift my spirits, but no, it doesn’t end there. 

October means Durga Puja. Though Delhi is nowhere close to the festivities at home, the updates on Mahalya, the bhog, aarti and pandal stories from home and a substitute in CR Park sort of make up for the fun I lose out on. It’s the promise of Diwali, Bhai Dooj, Chhat and finally Christmas + New Year. October is like a gateway to 3 months of fun, festivals and family and friends’ reunions. 

With October also comes the feeling of “Woah! Another year is almost done.” I managed to get through one more! New Year Resolutions-check. Holiday plans-check. Awesome movie lineup from now till year end-check. Festive shopping-check. I’m so glad that I live in a world that has Octobers.


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