Indian Accent

No, this is not about Priyanka Chopra’s verbal skills in Quantico. Far from it. This post is about the sense of achievement that is associated with one’s first salary and the ensuing madness. This post is about gratitude to one’s brother for always being there: from the archenemy of my life to my partner in Contra, from the bashing-up days to the current day of problem-solver, we have indeed come a long way.

One month into the job, my first salary in my account and my brother paying me a visit. The scene was set for something special. For all the chokeslam I had received as a kid I definitely owed him this one! Given the limited time for which he was going to be in NCR, a trip was out of the question. So I decided upon taking him out for a lavish dinner. Two places made it to my shortlist. ITC Maurya’s Bukhara and Indian Accent. Both these places need no introduction. It was the choice of cuisine that made me zero in on Indian Accent. That it was rated the best fine-dining restaurant by TripAdvisor in its Best Fine Dining Restaurants in India and that it had been recommended by a very credible source just added to the “star power” of the place.

I’m not going to discuss the food over here (which, by the way, was awesome). One can refer to Zomato for customer reviews and other information. What I shall focus on was the hospitality.

Our tryst started with one of their staff asking us about our appetite. The question was to help us decide our order. Given my ridiculously meager appetite, she recommended me to stay away from the chef’s tasting menu, while that was precisely what my brother opted for (since childhood he has had a panache for choosing things that I simply cannot!).

A few dishes down, we had our chef, Shantanu Mehrotra, arrive at our table enquiring about the meal. There were many interesting things that he told us in the course of that discussion, like the ban on frogs in India.

Apart from the interesting twists to the dishes and their presentation, the real twist in the tale came when after our meal we had ‘old monk’ rum ball served to us as a part of my birthday celebrations. The people, the assiduous staff and the amazing chef, made Indian Accent a wholesome experience. That my brother got up from his dinner all smiles was what mattered to me above all else. While exiting when my brother uttered the words: “Nice Choice”, it made me feel like I had finally managed to save the elusive Princess in a game of Mario!

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. Indian Accent is a reservation driven restaurant.
  2. First Seating for dinner starts at 7:00 pm followed by the second at 9:45pm.
  3. The location is a little tricky but if you call them, the staff will guide you.
  4. Budget for a dinner for two (minus alcohol) is approximately Rs. 6000.




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